Anti-Fatigue Compression Ankle Sleeve

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A fairly new but equally amazing product in our affordable compression socks collection is the Legion’s Anti Fatigue Ankle Sleeve. These modified ankle sleeves are specially tailored to give your ankle the ultra-comfortable, pain-free experience it needs. The very sleek design allows these compression stockings without feet to be worn easily and without slipping! Along with it’s easy using feature, its combination of Cotton and Polyester has the ability to keep your ankle dry and leaves no sticky residue behind when removed! With added benefits of regulating consistent blood flow, these ankle sleeves allow you to get that targeted support without needing thigh high compression socks to subside swelling in no time.

  • These Spandex sleeves have a front and top band for additional comfort.
  • Available in all sizes, the pair is colored in a beautiful black.
  • The material of these ankle sleeves is stretchable and can fit your ankle without any fuss.
  • Its anti-bacterial fabric averts fatigue and keeps you away from feeling tired and achy perfect for your go-to surgical support hose for optimal recovery.
  • These dotted and lined patterned ankle sleeves are hand tested for the best quality assurance.

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