3-pack Patterned Compression Crew Sock (20-30 mmHg)

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These super cool navy compression socks with stylish patterns are the epitome of comfort due to their lightweight composition. Made to fit your legs perfectly, the elastic material of these compression socks for men and women provides your legs with the gentle squeeze they need for pain reduction and a cute exterior for a dazzling look. These soft and gentle compression socks increase the muscle workup maintaining uniform blood circulation to the legs ergo, preventing clots and assisting your muscles to relax for a steady movement. Not only do they help in efficient working but also ensure that your legs don’t feel tired or achy.

  • The super-fit feature of these stockings relieves your legs of pain.
  • These surgical socks deplete swelling and promote a healthy flow of blood to counter vein clusters.
  • The stretchy material makes you comfortable for all kinds of activities.
  • These support socks are permeable which lets out sweat for a warm feel
  • They are designed to reach a compression level of 30-40 mmHg for high performance.