Compression Crew Socks

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These grey, simple yet attractive Spandex compression socks for sale with orange and black stripes across the cloth are one of Legion's best sellers! Prepared with a combination of excellent Nylon and exceptional quality Polyester, the synthetic fibers of these compression stockings let off moisture and odor. Toe fit and ankle fit anatomy feature allows the sock to be easily stretched across the leg and gently nudge them into releasing pain and instead feel relaxed and very comfortable. Apart from uncountable merits, these socks have the unique feature of making your legs feel light and prevent them from feeling tired and weary from wearing thigh high compression stockings all the time.

  • Super soft material with additional thickness around the ankle for sufficient movement support.
  • Available in sizes of small, medium, large, and plus size compression sock.
  • Graduated compression for regulating blood flow and tackling vein or artery clumps.
  • The best at giving your toes the cushioning feel they need.
  • The material of these crews is hand-tested for customer satisfaction.